Fast Facts

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request a donation or sponsorship for my event?
To make a request please fax your written request to 440-746-7165.
I am in need of a job are you hiring?
We are always looking for new employees, to see our job openings click here.
I am planning a party, how can I find out how much beer I'll need?
Go to our Keg Information page, we have a table of keg sizes and how many servings is in each.
I am new to the beer world and I want to learn more about beer where can I go?
For information about beer like styles, ingredients, and much more visit our Beer 101 page.
Where can I find a list of retailers selling my favorite drink?
Whether you are looking for a new product or a limited one we can help you get it. Click here to go to our Find a Retailer page where you select your drink and it takes you to where you need to go.
I am excited to buy my first keg, but I have never been to The House of LaRose, where do I go?
The House of LaRose is located at 6745 Southpointe Parkway Brecksville, Ohio 44141. Go to the Retail Sales window located at the Northwest side of the building where you can purchase kegs, cases of beer and non-alcoholic products.
What seasonals are you currently carrying?
New seasonals come out almost every week; the best way to stay updated on our current seasonals is to sign up for our monthly newsletter, which focuses on our new and upcoming beers.
To sign up for our newsletter click here. or to see our previous issues click here.